Remember to, walk without rhythm

Lest the worm attract us all


So you’ve found yourself here, have you? You probably want to check out my:

Adventures in Solitude

  • The story to my travels. The collective pieces are the melo-dramatic telling of my great journey. They are the posts I put the most time and concentration into; they serve me as a novel-like version of the stupid things I’m currently doing with my dirt road life.


Do I not make sense to you? FUHKJ YO-

Who is Nameless?

  • Here lies my explanation. This category is the blogging side of my life, and the more honest collection of who I am. Memories on my childhood, background, or just talk on my current blogging can be found here.


Or if you’ve come here because your brother has been shot, the police are chasing you and the mad joker disrupting your life through indirect messages has painted my URL in the shape of a pentagram in the underground ritual room of a satanist graveyard where the joker promised you you’d find a clue that would lead you to the antidote for the snake-poison bullet currently embedded in your brother’s arm,

you should seek professional help.

But while you’re waiting for the whole ‘help’ thing why don’t you read up on some:


  • Strange Encounters of the First Time are stories of my briefest encounters. Like the time the pretty girl told you you looked good, you bumbled out a thank you, and then realised she was talking to – – you. … Because I love you.







Maybe y- you’ve come here?.. For me?..

These words, they’re being interpreted – aren’t they?

Oh such a thing to be feared. The lens – it sees. Stop at a park and watch. You will see: people obey the lens.

Then look back and realise.

No, they don’t. They obey you.

You beast of a thousand eyes, you conquered this world. And I love you.