I think I’ll move to Thailand… Yeah. Thailand.

I guess this would be after I win Isabel. I guess I would have to leave her not long after winning her… So I could move to Thailand.

It’s cheap as shit there. So I’ve heard. And it’s got such a buzz. I’ve been reading all morning on ‘Digital Nomad’ forums. It all started when I started reading an article on why not to use Upwork; this is the largest website there is for online freelancers. I used it for video-editing, but made very little money.

But if I was in Thailand…

Yeah, I could continue making very little money; I’d only have to spend ~€200 a month on studio accommodation. So they say.

Chiang Mai… That seems like a good city. Got a real buzz, you know?

And when I’m living in Thailand, I’ll just move the talking part of my social life to the internet.


In my early teenage years, I played a lot on a Minecraft server. I discovered soon after the guy running the server was making a hefty profit from selling people virtual towns and such within the server. I did a lot of things on that server… It was a time when things really were not alright in my home – I was in the countryside so staying outside all the time wasn’t so much of an option – so I stayed in my room and essentially invented a new personality to play as on this silly game server. The thing about it was everyone in the game was real. There were no ‘quests’ or monsters and such. Just politics with real people. I was terrible at all the actual /gaming/ of it so I spent my time there talking to people – I became something of a politician, and later, kind of a warlord? It was entertaining. Immensely so. This wasn’t some mere power fantasy; not some text reading ‘your character is a badass, leader of the everything’s guild’. I had real, tangible political influence – real people supported me – only – it was in a game. Still… I promised myself I would return to that lifestyle one day. If only for a few months. I would give myself to some ridiculous fake-politics game, and conquer the fake-world.

So if I was in Thailand… I could do exactly what the guy who started that server did. Which wasn’t much. He encouraged people to make a server for him, ‘for fun’, while the funds went to him. He was running a business, the others, practising a hobby. I wouldn’t need much to get by. In Thailand. I could even pay the helpers; be a good person! In Thailand, I can be a good guy.

And okay, an entirely virtual social life isn’t good for you. Not to mention, I would have just left Isabel to get to Thailand. I’d have some lonesome nights, surely.

But no worries. I’ve heard Asian women are submissive.

Hmm? Edward Said what?..

Moving on. I could just do the ‘stare’-y thing. That is, I sit at a café with my back up straight. I’m not really doing anything, just sipping my coffee. My copious, copious amounts of coffee – for my addiction, of course.

Then I spot a girl. I stare at her, and keep sipping. She notices me, lowers her gaze and blushes a little. Who’s this guy?, she’s wondering. She looks away casually. Just look at the window she thinks, – in, you know… Mandarin. And all this time, she’s feeling a buzz. She looks up again – to check – is he still watching?

Fuck yeah he’s still watching.

And it’s not creepy. No no. It’s the stare. It’s cool, or sexy, or something. Haven’t you read – any book – any book ever? The Stars Among us took the world by storm. Because of its human relations? Its exploration of fringe emotions? No. Because it opens with the stare.

So everything’s good there. Active romantic life. Healthy career of spending next-to-nothing. Studio apartment. I can kill the wee hours by pretending to speak Mandarin into a mirror, which I’m sure would be hilarious and fun.

And I’ll get such a buzz from it all.

Such a buzz.

Such a buzz, – on my phone.

And I’ll check my phone, and where it’s getting all this buzz from. Why is it buzzing?

And it’ll be Isabel.

Isabel’ll be buzzing. And I’ll pick up the phone and I’ll…



What the fuck was I thinking?